8 January—1 March 1980

Four Aspects, Eight Artists

This exhibition will include the works of two photographers, Theodore Wan and Sorel Cohen; two sculptors, Andre Jodoin and Dan Reid; two painters, Paul Hess and Doug Kirton and two artists working with installations, Richard Purdie and Tobie Maclennan. This exhibition will draw attention to the four major aspects of contemporary artmaking activites. Within the four different media we will draw some yet unresolved critical conclusions. The catalogue, including documentation of the individual artist' works and installations, will act as a devise in providing this intelligent, critical framework, as well as serving as an ongoing document of the events. We will examine through this exhibition figurative imagery, as in the case of Sorel Cohen, Doug Kirton and Theodore Wan or through new approaches to the non-objective image or object as with Paul Hess, Dan Reid and Andre Jodoin.

Aspect I - Photography
January 8 - 19, 1980:
Sorel Cohen (Montreal) & Theodore Wan (Vancouver)

Aspect II - Sculpture
January 22 - February 2, 1980:
Andre Jodoin (Toronto) & Dan Reid (Toronto)

Aspect III - Painting
February 5 - 16, 1980:
Doug Kirton (Toronto) & Paul Hess (Vancouver, Geuph)

Aspect IV - Installations
February 19 - March 1, 1980:
Richard Purdie (Ottawa) & Toby MacLennan (Toronto)

The catalogue will be produced after-the-fact and will comprise 40 pags - 4 devoted to work of each of the eightartists and 4 to a discussion by the curators of the exhibitions. A poster will be produced to publicize the exhibition.

Four Aspects, Eight Artists will be curated by Renee van Halm and David MacWilliam with the assistance of all the core members of Mercer Union in some capacity.